Inspiring a love of Africa

Welcome to Face of Africa Today. I'm excited you're here, and hope you're ready to pack your bags...because this travel inspiration site is all about encouraging readers to get out and explore the wonders of Africa.


What can you expect from this Africa travel inspiration site?

I hope to inspire keen travellers to overcome aging stereotypes they may have developed about Africa, and travel to the continent to see for themselves why it's becoming the fastest growing tourism destination in the world. 

On this travel site you'll enjoy: 

  • Travel portrait photography - photographed all throughout Africa, from traditional villages to modern cities, this collection of portraits should give you an idea of what it's like to live and thrive in Africa today.

  • Travel blog - browse the blog's catalogue of travel stories written about my personal experiences travelling in Africa. From overlanding and bush camping, to backpacking solo, I share my stories of hiking adventures, safaris, horse treks and more.

This site is designed to encourage readers to explore one of the last remaining wilderness continents, which also happens to be one of the most culturally rich and diverse places on the planet. 

Are you part of the diaspora looking to reconnect with your family history? Are you a cultural tourism buff interested in getting face to face with the extraordinary people of Africa, or dancing until dawn in the one of the continent's eclectic cities? Are you a wildlife enthusiast and want to stare into the eyes of a lion while on safari? Are you fresh out of university and eager to backpack through Africa? 

Whatever your reason for being here may be, I wish you the best of adventures through Africa!

Emily Sheff

Learn more about me in my Bio below.

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Me photograping a portrait in Zimbabwe, Africa

About Face of Africa Today  Creator: Emily Sheff


When I received the chance to join a friend on an overland trip through Africa back in 2016, I jumped at the chance to tag along. I got an extra job serving at a restaurant to save money to travel, cut back on all of my expenses by introducing a near zero-disposable income spending policy, then took off to explore Africa. In between trips I've returned to Canada to continue working and saving money, but life always brings me back to Africa. 


By trade, I'm a photographer and travel marketer. For just shy of a decade I worked in tourism marketing for three Destination Marketing Organizations in Canada, and this is where my passion for promoting travel as a mechanism for social change and economic development has stemmed from. I'm currently living in Canada, but I move around often, so only God knows where I'll be next month! 


I'm passionate about producing positive stories about Africa's diverse people and places, in an attempt to cultivate greater cross-cultural understanding within the global community. I've received a lot of negative flack over the years, from people in North America who question my trips to Africa. Quite literally, hundreds of people have asked me questions like "isn't Africa too dangerous?" or "what is there to see in Africa?". My response? Don't pay attention to the media - go and see Africa for yourself!

To date I've travelled through 17 countries in Africa, and captured over 250 local portraits to help share Africa's beauty with the rest of the world. At the end of every trip to Africa, I immediately start dreaming and planning my return. 

Africa is the continent that gets into your soul, and calls you to return time and time again. The smile of Africa's people, their perseverance and drive to succeed, their lighthearted approach to life, and reliance on community to find calm in the storm; these are the wonderful personalities that keep Africa in my heart forever.