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Africa travel and tourism grew by 5.8% in 2018, compared with the global average of 3.9%, making it the second fastest growing tourism region worldwide. All I can say to this is, it's about darn time!

Africa has always received such a small slice of the international travel pie, in comparison to continents like Europe, and with such an incredible offering of culture, wildlife and historical travel offerings, it's hard to imagine why. 

I'm passionate about sharing stories of lesser known travel destinations, in the hopes of encouraging a sustainable increase in tourism to help support local economic growth. 

When I started travelling to Africa in 2016, I knew a few other travellers who had been there, or were considering going in the near future, but from most people I received a lot of flack. Over the years I've been asked a lot of questions about safety or poverty in Africa and how it affects you as a tourist. After spending over a year and a half travelling to 17 countries in Africa, I can say that the Africa you grew up reading about, or the single narrative still fed by the media, is rapidly disappearing and what's left in its place is a growing, vibrant, lively, multitalented continent that is worthy of making the top of anyone's travel bucket list. 

If you have an inclination to make somewhere in Africa one of your next travel destinations, check this blog regularly for stories from my personal travels through Africa. What sort of content will you find? Well, I'm a big hiker, wildlife enthusiast, overlander, camper, culture and history buff, city slicker and more, which means this blog will be filled with stories from all sides of the spectrum. 

Enjoy your virtual exploration of Africa!

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