When and how did GiG! start?

In 2019, when Emily returned home from Africa she pooled some money together from friends and family to cover the cost of one girl's education at a local government school. GIG! started small, with just one girl in a local government school in 2019. Then thanks to a sizeable donation from Women Helping Women, Emily was able to select a second student to support, and improve the level of education by sending both girls to a private boarding school.

Why do the girls attend boarding school instead of a less costly local school?

Sending the girls to a boarding school outside of Turkana significantly increases GIG's per student costs, since each student requires a minimum list of shopping items to be allowed to live at their school, and they require a small amount to cover transportation to/from northern Kenya and day-to-day expenses. Why boarding school then? The government schools in northern Kenya are notoriously underfunded, causing further marginalization of the people who live there. Schools are often closed due to lack of teachers and they lack supplies. By placing our students into boarding schools they'll receive a quality of education that will enable them to pursue their career goals. 

Where does the money go?

100% of GIG donations go towards funding student school fees, and personal expenses during the school term.

Is GIG a registered charity?

While we are not a registered charity (yet!), we do maintain a separate bank account and collect receipts for every expenditure. We therefore cannot provide tax receipts for donors to claim on their income tax. The plan is to eventually become a registered charity. 

How does the money get to Kenya?

We use World Remit to send money directly to bank accounts in Kenya. A fee is charged with each transfer, so we try to keep the number of transfers per year at a minimum. We do this by paying the full year school fees all at once, and estimating at the beginning of the year how much support each student will require for travel/personal expenses.

Where do the girls go to school?

Reference Our Students & Team page for an introduction to our students and where they attend school.