Our Purpose

Empowering girls in remote Northern Kenya with education & opportunity

At the foundation of GiG! is the belief that micro change can have macro impact. Educating just one girl can result in exponential positive change for the communities of northern Kenya.

How Funds are Used


100% of funds raised are spent on our students (minus a small money transfer fee)

How has Covid-19 impacted GiG!'s program? The pandemic has unfortunately caused the girls' boarding schools to close, and both students have returned home to northern Kenya. They are studying from home but we expect schools to reopen in January, 2021. With a high number of interested students, we are always raising funds for school fees with the hopes of increasing the number of students we can fund.  Find out how you can donate.

Our Success Stories: Meet our Students!


Our students are the first girls from their villages to receive a post-elementary school education.

Meet Sylvanna and Esther, our two students from Northern Kenya, and our Africa Coordinator Damian Napulo.

Get Involved


Education should be a right, but it will take the support of the global community to pick up where Government is failing

Become a monthly donor, host a film night, purchase photography and crafts, shop our Kenyan tea products. Helping create positive change comes in many different forms!

A Virtual Tour


Visit northern Kenya on a virtual tour

Our current students are from a region of northern Kenya on the eastern shores of Lake Turkana. Check out our photo and video content and get to know the girls and the region they call home.