How you can support GiG!

Buy Kenyan Tea

To fundraise for school fees we sell products from JusTea​, an artisanal tea factory staffed, managed, and owned by small-scale Kenya tea farmers.

Pricing: Buy a trio of three teas for $20 or a 100 gram bag for $15. 


  1. Trio one includes Purple Rain, Purple Jasmine and Purple Chocolate (all low caffeine).

  2. Trio two includes Chamomile Dream, Little Berry Hibiscus and Peppermint Detox (all caffeine free).

  3. Trio three includes African Chai, Kenyan Earl Grey and Mt. Kenya Black (medium to high caffeine). 

  4. 100 gram bag of African Breakfast.

  5. 100 gram bag of Mt Kenya Black.

  6. 100 gram bag of Earl Grey.

Email Emily Sheff  to place your order.


Become a Monthly Supporter

For the cost of $10 a month you could cover 1/4 of one student's boarding school fees. 

Prefer to make a one-time donation? That's OK too! 

Ready to get started? Contact Emily Sheff.

We are not able to offer a tax receipt until we have registered as a non-profit. Please refer to the FAQ page for more information.

Shop for Photo Art

Have a grandchild who loves elephants? There's a print for that!

Do you have a love for Africa and it's lively people and culture? Browse Emily's photo catalogue and get inspired to visit Africa.


100% of proceeds go towards GiG! programming.




Are you a teacher with an interest in building a stronger connection between your students and the greater global community of youth? GiG! is currently building a video-pal program.

Want to donate your time? We're looking for volunteers to help with social media, programming and more.