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Fall in Love with Lesotho's Rugged Mountain Terrain & Basotho Culture 

Ahh, Lesotho, the peaceful little country landlocked by the embrace of South Africa, where a high-altitude vista of mountains and savannah envelopes the traveller in a tranquil state of mind.


During a three month sojourn in the South Africa region, I travelled to Lesotho a total of seven times. I rode a horse into the far reaches of Sehlabathebe park, hiked across the border to Rhino Peak in the Drakensberg mountains, and drove the famed Sani pass to have a beer at the highest pub in Africa. I visited the single drop 192-meter high Maletsunyane Falls, which is best experienced after a hike along the source river to peer over its precipice, or a trek to the bottom of the falls to swim in Maletsunyane's cool water pools. 


Lesotho has the highest lowest elevation point of any country in the world, so with its plethora of mountain peaks and passes, rain or snow can turn up when least expected. This makes travel in Lesotho challenging at times, but it's a small price to pay for experiencing the country's rugged and awe-inspiring landscapes. If you're visiting one of Lesotho's ski resorts (one of the few in all of Africa), however, snowfall is a welcoming occurrence.  


Travelling in Lesotho is a bucket list item for many overlanders, who love the perfect mix of newly paved highways and bouldered backroads, and with backpackers looking for epic outdoor adventures. 


A bygone era of wild west style adventure in an endless landscape of untamed mountains lies waiting for you in Lesotho.



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