Discover the renowned Namib desert, friendly villages of the San and Himba cultures, and one of Africa’s largest populations of wild elephant and giraffe.

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Dry Riverbeds

Driving the dry riverbeds of Namibia is a journey many overlanders, backpackers and Africa travel enthusiasts yearn for. Encounters with wild elephant, giraffe and zebra, and mile upon mile of untouched land lay waiting to be discovered. In the dry season when there's no risk of flooding, riverbed landscapes like the Hoanib or Messum Crater become free to roam. Sleep under the stars next to an ancient cave dwelling, cook over a crackling fire with the warm desert wind at your back, and interact with the Himba people at a traditional settlement camp. 

Whether on a self-drive adventure or tour with a trusted overlanding guide, the Namib Desert and it's renowned Sandwich Harbour excursion will wow even the most discerning traveller. In the protected Namib Naukluft Park, a seemingly endless stretch of dunes lines the wild Atlantic Coast, creating one of Africa's top driving routes of all time. It's a landscape well known by photographers, who seek out the chance to capture the towering dunes merge abruptly with a weather-beaten ocean.

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