Purple Tea Trio: A variety pack of our top selling Purple Tea flavours: Purple Rain, Purple Jasmine, Purple Chocolate. Comes with a hand-carved Kenyan tea spoon.

Purple Tea Tea Trio

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  • Premium Stacking Tins: Each tin perfectly stacks together. Comes with a hand-carved Kenyan tea spoon.

    15 cups per flavour: Re-steep for 30 cups. Total per unit is 45 cups (re-steep for 90). Net weight: 102g/3.6oz

    Award-Winning Taste:
    Purple Rain: Bright & Lively, Tropical Fruit & Hibiscus
    Purple Jasmine: Light & Floral, Spring Jasmine & Honey
    Purple Chocolate: Sweet & Smooth, Pure Chocolate & Delicate Rose

    Caffeine: Very Low

    Purple Super Leaf: A cultivar that naturally grows purple tea leaves, similar to other healthy purple superfoods like blueberries and acai.

    Antioxidant Boost: Purple Tea contains more antioxidants than Kenyan green tea with half the caffeine.

    Garden to Cup Freshness: Our direct-trade partnership gives you the freshest tea possible and the farmer a fair wage.

    Organically Grown: Hand-picked in Kenya. No pesticides or chemicals are sprayed on our tea leaves.

    100% Natural Ingredients
    Purple Rain: Organic Lemongrass, Kenyan Purple Tea, Hibiscus, Apple Pieces, Rosehips, Natural Passion Fruit Flavour.
    Purple Jasmine: Jasmine Green Tea, Kenyan Purple Tea, Jasmine Blossoms, Cornflower Blossoms.
    Purple Chocolate: Organic Cacao Shells, Kenyan Purple Tea, Rose Petals.

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