Say hello to West Africa's welcoming coastline where delectable seafood, a lively music scene and friendly locals will have you coming back for more.


Makes a Comeback




Far away from the capital city of Dakar lays a slip of land called the Casamance, which is separated geographically from the rest of Senegal by the boundaries of neighbouring country Gambia. In the past the region has been afflicted by sporadic violence, due to a separatist movement that surfaced in the 80s and 90s. Today, international travel advisories continue to warn against travel to the area, even though violence has disappeared in the last couple of decades.

All of this aside, if you're looking to relax on a deserted beach, eat fresh seafood, go on an island tour to experience authentic Senegalese farming life, hang out at a bustling bar scene or settle into a quiet beachside resort, then Casamance is for you. Senegal is a quick flight from Europe, and the regional Casamance city of Ziguinchor has daily flights into the area. 

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