A country with it all - ocean, mountains, wildlife parks and cultural diversity - means you'll visit South Africa once and immediately be planning your return.

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    SIDE TRIP: Swaziland

    Make the short trip from South Africa to Swaziland and visit the living museum at the Mantenga Culture Village. Learn about the history of the Swazi people, as you’re guided through a large traditional family homestead complete with kraals, authentic artefacts and live performers demonstrating maize grinding and mountain grass braiding.


    Learn the ancient Swazi way of life as your guide shares the wisdom of their language, customs, rituals, dance, music and folklore. Finish your visit off with a traditional dance performance, each act representing a different stage of life from war, to courting and marriage. The dancers’ high kicks and colourful costumes will leave you with unforgettable memories of your time in Swaziland. 

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    World-Class Hiking in South Africa

    If you haven't heard yet, South Africa is renowned amongst hiking enthusiasts for its world-class summits and backcountry trails. With an astounding number of day hikes, overnighters and treks of up to a week or more, the only stress for visitors is choosing which epic trail to tackle first.


    In South Africa, visitors can indulge in stunning scenery and a variety of landscapes, and return home satisfied with their challenging summit completed. Thanks to dedicated trail maintenance and the helpful network of ladders leading to many of the country’s best peaks, there's no doubt about it, South Africa remains a hiking destination of notable mention.  

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