Teddy works with her sister Hilda at a hostel in Dar es Salaam. She lives with Hilda in the town house development beside the hostel, and loved to chat with me about her life in Dar. Her face lit up as she told me about her passion for cooking, reading, singing in her church choir and going out dancing with her girlfriends to local clubs. If westerners think Africa is one big safari park where food doesn’t grow and a hand-out from foreigners is the only way to survive, they should think again.

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Vacationing on the island of Zanzibar, you'll inevitably cross paths with the Maasai Warriors of inland Tanzania. Zanzibar is renowned for its radiant beaches, but equally enjoyable is the fascinating conversations you’ll have with the Maasai. Seeing them mingling with tourists, playing volleyball and laying on the beach was a common sight that created an ultra positive and unifying island vibe.

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Zanzibar is known for the way locals approach tourists with their services and souvenirs. Many don’t like it, but I didn’t mind because I got to know the people of Zanzibar better. Miriam, separated with two kids who live in Dar, has been working on the island for 10 years. One child is studying agriculture at college, and the other wants to do aviation. The living she makes on the island pays for her kids' school fees. Miriam’s story offers a great example of the positive benefits of tourism.

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Baraka is a proud resident of Zanzibar, an island famous for its culture, cuisine and beautiful beaches. When visitors arrive at his hostel in the beach town of Nungwi in the north part of the island, they’re in for a warm welcome. Baraka describes his life in Nungwi as a sort of paradise, as you can tell by his t-shirt. With the beach a mere five minute walk away, it’s no wonder Baraka lives a relaxing, stress-free lifestyle.

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Looking for an island getaway? Visit the acclaimed destination of Zanzibar on your next trip to Tanzania for incredible culture, cuisine and beaches. 




A Haven of Historical & Tropical Delight


Visit Stone Town to browse open air food markets and film festivals, tour century-old architecture, and watch lively locals stroll the promenade after dark. 


Go on a Spice and Fruit Tour to discover culinary delights you didn't know existed, and learn how your favourite spices are grown and harvested.


Swim with wild dolphins in their natural habitat, then return for an afternoon of snorkelling at one of the many beaches and coral reefs.


Visit the Old Slave Market Museum to learn about Zanzibar's history as the largest port in the vast Indian Ocean slave trade.


Shop throughout the winding maze of ancient stone streets then stop for sundowner drinks at a local hot spot restaurant with a view.


Get out of Stone Town and explore the island's many beaches, resorts and attractions. Head to Jozani Forest to meet the Red Colobus monkey, and Changuu Island to see the Aldabra giant tortoises.