Our Students & Coordination Team

Meet our Students



Student at Consolata Girls Secondary School

Sylvanna was the top performing student in her class growing up. Her Mother, Kulal is one of the few in her village to support a daughter's education. Sylvanna wants to become a doctor and return to her village of Moite, where there hasn't been a permanent doctor for years and the infirmary remains empty and locked up. Sylvanna now attends an all-girls private boarding school, where she is comfortable to participate in sports and participate in class. 



Student at Moi Girls Secondary School

Esther was able to complete her primary education thanks to her Mother's perseverance and dedication to making it happen. Awesit, Esther's Mom paid for school fees by making and selling homemade brew, Busaa and Chan'gaa. The beers are made from various fermented grains like sorghum, maize and millet flour. A cup of each goes for about .25 cents. The sale is technically prohibited, but it's become a mainstay of pastoralist women's activities to support their families. 

Northen Kenya is home to Lake Turkana, the world's largest alkaline and desert lake. The villages (including Moite at the top of the map) surrounding the lake are home to our students.

The boarding schools our student's attend are located far away in Marsabit and Meru. 

Our Coordination Team



Founder/Lead Coordinator, Canada

Emily Sheff started GIG in 2019 after returning home from a year and half journey through 17 countries in Africa, and realizing she wanted to support girls who don't have the opportunity to pursue an education. She's the lead coordinator and oversees development of the organization and fundraising to support GIG!'s students. Read more about how Emily started GIG. 



Co-Founder/Lead Coordinator, Kenya

Damian Napulo is from the village of Moite in the Turkana region of northern Kenya, and he's passionate about overcoming the marginalization of girls in his community. Damian just completed a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, and looks forward to returning to Turkana to help improve the wellbeing of women and girls. Damian provides all of the on-the-ground support for students in Kenya. Find out more about how Damian and Emily met and decided to start GIG!.