Travel Portrait Series

Using Positive Storytelling to Challenge Negative Stereotyping

As you'll read many times throughout this website, the mass media's portrayal of Africa that I grew up being exposed to, was vastly different than the one I experienced during a year and a half journey through 17 countries on the continent. By only sharing a small part of Africa's story, the media aren't giving potential tourists the chance to visit the continent and experience its many wonders and beauty. 

Through photographing over 250 people in 15 countries, I was able to learn a lot about a continent that I grew up knowing nothing about. Africa's cultures are so rich, the people so welcoming, the wildlife so majestic, and the wilderness so memorable, that I wanted to do my part and use photography to help alter the negative stereotypes about Africa.

Check back often as I add more photos and stories gathered during my return trips to Africa!