Party in Kampala, the star of East Africa's social scene, hike to a remote village in Kidepo National Park, and visit the source of the famed Nile River.

Hike to the Ike in Kidepo National Park





Visit a Remote East African Village

Get out of the city and tourist-filled southern regions and head north to Kidepo National Park, a place few tourists explore. For a truly authentic experience, spend an overnight with the Ik people, one of the most remote tribes in East Africa. Kara-Tunga Tours offers a memorable experience like no other.

Hike with the Locals

Enjoy a challenging 2 - 4 hour climb up Mt. Morungole in the company of the hospitable Ik people, to reach one of their villages on the slopes of the mountain. Approximately 10,000 Ik call the mountain home, where they live as subsistence farmers and bee keepers. 

Learn from the Locals

Observe daily village life as it happens right before your eyes, from cooking over charcoal to celebrations of song and dance and all-natural bee keeping. Go home with a greater sense of appreciation for everything you hold dear to you. The Ik will teach you that life is not about materials things, but the community of people around you. 

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